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Predator ***FREE SHIPPING!!!***

With a lean fighting weight of only 1.35 lbs (and more than 21″ long), The Predator is a silent and nimble assassin. Crafted from .080″ stainless steel, the blade, tang, and knuckles are one single elegant piece sandwiched by two 3/16″ steel grip plates. The designers wanted me to make some “knuckle sandwich” reference here, but I refuse. And since they can’t read, I- HUUUURRGGHH!!! *Blurt!* Aaahhhh….. cough… (they got me.)
***LEGAL NOTICE*** The Predator™ is not a weapon, and it should not be used as such. Doing so will most likely result in your incarceration. We are not responsible for any damages to persons or property.
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