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Nail Biter
Nail Biter
Nail Biter ***FREE SHIPPING!!!***

Every now and then we get someone that says, “Why is the hammer part of the ORIGINAL ZOMBIE HAMMER™ backwards?”  Well…  It’s not.  The OZH™ was never intended to be used as a hammer; it looks like a hammer, so that’s what we named it.  …However… The customer is always right, so we proudly introduce the ZOMBIE HAMMER™ NAIL BITER™.  Basically the OZH™ with the head flipped around.  So you can hang pictures…  or something.
3/8″ hot rolled carbon steel
2.9 lbs.
16.12″ long
***LEGAL NOTICE*** The Nail Biter™ is not a weapon, and it should not be used as such. Doing so will most likely result in your incarceration. We are not responsible for any damages to persons or property.
69.95 $ Add
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